Friday, 2 May 2014

Office Lens - Microsoft's mobile scanner

Office Lens works like a scanner with your mobile phone. It enhances pictures taken through your cell phone camera. You can convert documents, notes, expense bills to neat scanned copies and save them to One Note.

Obviously, there are a lot of available software that can perform the same job for free and can be used on multiple devices. However, the main appeal for Lens is its integration with Office applications.

Pictures from Lens are directly saved to One Note and using Office Online we can use them on multiple devices (actually any device with an internet connection). And since Microsoft Office is very much part of our daily lives it becomes easy to use the data.

Examples -
1. Whiteboard data during meetings can be easily re-used to create presentations
2. Restaurant bills can be easily converted to create expense claims.
3. Hard copies of multiple documents can be collected together and can be searched through for specific keywords using OCR.

But these are just a few of the examples that I could think of.

Lastly, Lens is now available on iDevices and hopefully will come up in PlayStore soon.

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