Monday, 21 May 2012

Moving documents from one document library to another maintaining versions - SharePoint 2010

Hear is a simple task - Move documents from one library to another in SharePoint 2010 Document Library. Sounds simple! You can use "send to another location", "explorer view" etc. etc. But let me slightly complicate things here -

Move documents from one library to another in SharePoint 2010 maintaining all versions of the document in the new library.

Now, there is an understood pre-condition associated with this task that both libraries should have versioning enabled to the same level (minor or major).

What I found was that, when we use "send to another location" or any other OOB method to transfer the document from one location to another, versions are not maintained. They are simply forgotten. Reason for this is simple - at the new location, even though versioning is enabled, the transferred (moved) document is the very first version. In simple words, versioning is initiated at the new location only after the document is created there.

But as usual this was something I did not expect, because all my client asked is to move documents from location A to B and I very confidently agreed to do it in a few minutes time. And as a P.S. the client added that documents have versions and versions will be required at the new location. I thought - "That should not be a problem??"

Turned out I was wrong. I panicked and the first thing came to my mind was "custom code" and the pain it would cause to write all those lines, build, debug, test; build, debug, test; build, debug, test... you get the point.

But then, a little bit of researching gave me this quick solution -

All you need to do is open both locations (document libraries) in explorer view and cut and paste the files to the new location. Note that -
  1. Copy and paste will not carry your versions,
  2. Both location should have versioning enabled and
  3. Both libraries should have the same template i.e. document library --> document library or form library --> form libary and so on.
Really neat trick and saved a lot of my time. Huh! Can spend some time playing angry birds now!

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