Friday, 11 May 2012

There's a BUG! There's a BUG!! There's a BUG in the Discussion Board

This is something fishy!
Recently I was working with discussion boards in MOSS 2007. All seemed well. I had to create a simple discussion board with approval. "No big deal!", "That's non-IT stuff if you use SharePoint!"....... If this is what you feel you are in for a BIG surprise........ (just like I was :-) )
So I went ahead and created a Discussion Board, went into versioning settings, selected "Require Content Approval" and did a few test runs. Everything seemed to be working fine until I tested with different users.
Problem: User X writes a new post. This post goes for approval to User A. Until User A approves the post this post will not be visible to all the users. So the obvious thing to do is for User A to approve which he does but as soon as User A approves the post, User A's name starts appearing everywhere in the post viz-a-viz in the quoted text section, the picture of the person who started the thread. And poor User X who actally started the post is lost.
Reason: Now, when User A approves the post, he/she becomes the user to last update the post i.e. the modified by column of the post is updated to User A. And it so happens that in the flat or threaded view of a discussion the name of the user who last modified the post is displayed. But in our "content approval" case it sends a very wrong message. If you go back to the subject view to see the entire list of threads you see that the User X is still the creator of the post.
Now what: I had posted a question on MSDN forums, this is the link. I was not too satisfied with the answer. It stated to write an event receiver to update the modified by column of the post back to the created by column..

I wish there was a better way.... 

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