Friday, 11 May 2012

Send E-Mails to SharePoint Multiple User Field SPD Workflow

I faced a recent problem whilst designing declarative workflows in SPD 2007:
It sounds pretty simple - I needed to send mails using the Workflow to users who were stored in a Person or Group field.
You might think - "What's the big deal in that??".... But here's the catch. The Person or Group field I am referring to allowed multiple user selection.
All hell broke loose. How was this possible??? The Person or Group field just doesn't show up in the Workflow lookup! What do I do? Will I need to write an event receiver? Ohh!!! I didn't want to write code here? It seemed so simple. But wait..... lets try to fool SharePoint.
OK so first I do not allow multiple user selection in my Person or Group field. (You might think what about the already existing records? Data loss! Ya I know.... you might have to do this the hard way - Create a template for your list including content, recreate your list using the template you just created and after finishing all the steps mentioned here add all the entries again..... I told you this was the hard way!)
OK continuing with fooling sharepoint...... now, on preventing multiple user entries my Person or Group field starts appearing in the Workflow lookup for sending mails.
I complete my workflow steps, go back to my list and again allow multiple user selection in my Person or Grop field.
Now lets check whether the workflow is giving any errors.....
No......... no errors! Congratulations! SharePoint has been fooled! (Now can re enter your entries as I had mentioned above)
Happy SharePointing! :) 

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